RSM Partners Google in Go Global Initiative to Help Local Businesses Internationalise

November 26, 2015


The Google Go Global initiative aims to help SMEs in Singapore internationalise with the help of digital technologies and to arm them with the right tools and knowledge. Learning videos, exclusive offers and the Global Market Finder empowers SMEs to build business capabilities, promote cross border exports, and compete effectively on the global stage.

RSM is proud to be a Go Global partner to help SMEs build their business to increase their profits and enhance their value through internationalising. Cindy Lim (Partner, International Tax) and Richard Ong (Partner, GST Services) contributed to the first wave of online learning videos by sharing their views on crucial taxation and GST matters that SMEs must consider when going global. Local businesses can look forward to additional videos on a wider range of topics that expand learning opportunities and address more questions as they embark on their internationalisation road map.


Taxation - Six Tax Questions You Need to Ask


Taxation - Pertinent GST Considerations to Note


RSM is also offering a one hour complimentary clinic session with our specialists, providing expert advice to help businesses chart growth strategies, improve profits, internationalise and enhance their business value. 

To view the offer and find out more about the Go Global initiative, please visit:

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